Convert fraction 5   5 / 7 to decimal

How the calculator works?

Suppose that A is the integer part of a fraction, B is the numerator of an ordinary fraction, and C is the denominator of a fraction to be converted to decimal. Then the formula for calculating the equivalent decimal form is: A + (B ÷ C)

Rules for using the calculator

Enter the specified values in the fields: integer part, numerator and denominator of the fraction, then click the Answer button. If there is no whole part, leave the field empty or enter 0
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How much will 5 whole 5/7 in the form of a decimal fraction?
Answer: 5.7143

How to write down the solution of a fraction 5  5/7?

A simple way: divide the numerator by the denominator and add the whole
5 ÷ 7 + 5 = 5.7143

How to convert a mixed fraction 5  5/7 to decimal?

The method is a little more complicated: we convert a mixed fraction into an incorrect fraction. First we multiply the integer by the denominator and add the numerator
5 * 7 + 5 = 40
Then we divide the result by the denominator
40 ÷ 7 = 5.7143

Examples of converting mixed and ordinary fractions to decimals

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